Let’s Read the Bible Together For the First Time

Posted on May 4, 20202 Comments

안녕하세요, family and friends. Today… I want to read the Bible with you.

Honestly, I’ve never read the whole Bible before, ever. I really want to change that now. Hopefully, we’ll get to read it in its entirety together and learn the ways of God.

Does it seem like something you would want to do? If so, download the Holy Bible App and join me with this ‘OWNit365’ Whole Bible Plan. Below are the app logo and link to install the app, as well as the link to the plan I chose to subscribe to.

However, if you don’t really want to download the app you can follow this blog as I will be posting the Devotional Verse or Chapter every day with my own experience or interpretation. I would very much like to discuss any or all of the verses to you, my readers. As that is the essence of each devotional and to get a more rounded view on what it’s trying to convey.

I upload devotional posts every day except for Sundays. I do try to post at 10:00 am (UK Time – GMT+1) or 17:00 (PH Time – GMT+8). However, there are days where I may not feel up to par. During this time, I may post slightly later than usual. I hope you still join me on this journey.

My days of avoiding Bible reading is over. The way we can keep it consistent, especially if you’re new at this like I am, is by taking it slow. A few chapters a day should do it because most times when I finish a whole book in one day, it will take months for me to follow up my reading.

One of the reasons I chose the ‘OWNIt365’ Whole Bible Plan is because it was on my recommended when I first started using the Holy Bible app. I was new to the app and Bible reading. This plan is straightforward and only asks you to read a few chapters each day which for me is ideal.

Start reading my Devotionals here.

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