Genesis 17

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안녕하세요, family and friends. Today we’re going to read Genesis 17.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a physical copy of the Bible. You can read it on Page 2 of this blog post.

Now, in this passage, the Lord instructs Abram (Abraham) to circumcise all of the males in his household as a sign of their covenant.

I know that both Jews and Muslims still follow this covenant, though you can correct me if I’m wrong. And this has also been a prominent rite of passage for African and Filipino males.

Ever since the Spanish Inquisition, my country, the Philippines has been a Catholic country although other sects and religion still resides here. Catholicism has shaped our culture. There are so many beliefs and practices in the Philippines which are derived from the Bible, circumcision of males being one of them.

What started off as a covenant between Abraham and the Lord became a rite of passage for many Filipino males. It has also become a way for the males to test each others’ courage, because it’s been said to be quite painful. However, this may have led to some people not really knowing what circumcision was for.

A covenant between Abraham and the creator to make his descendants fruitful and successful in becoming leaders of many nations.

Also, just a side note. As a medical student, I feel like I can’t pass up this opportunity to share to people this piece of information. Circumcision also has some medical purposes especially for those suffering from phimosis (where the foreskin is too tight which can cause pain when erect or peeing). –

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