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안녕하세요, family and friends. Today, we’re going to enlighten ourselves by knowing and understanding the different types of love.

It’s been said that to love each other better we must first understand the meaning of the word. So, that’s what I plan for us today.

Did you know that there are 7 types of love? If yes, then perhaps you know exactly what I’m going to be talking about in this post. If no, I urge you to carry on reading because you’ll learn something new and helpful.

Much like the other posts I’ve made for this category, I will start out with a quick story.

From where we left off in Jo’s story she moved back in the Philippines, despite her parents’ disapproval and her friends’ unawareness.

The love Jo felt for them was great but at that moment, it wasn’t enough...

Jo’s boyfriend was also left to accept her decision. He did so, knowing that it could take years for them to see each other again. He chose to watch her grow and develop into a woman he knew she could be, without being by her side.

However, Jo would not have the strength to make her decision and live with it if it weren’t for the most important being in her life. God. God’s love is what made her who she is. From the moment she was born until now.

Those experiences have brought about my understanding of five different types of love. However, in this post, we will discuss all seven: Storge, Phileo, Philautia, Ludus, Eros, Pragma and Agape. 

Let’s start with Storgē,

The most overlooked type of love. I say overlooked because sometimes people take it for granted and not everyone acknowledges it. Others have even called it a ‘quiet love’ for this same reason.

Storge is a Greek word referring to familial love or a natural abiding love’. A type of love that is created through familiarity, such as the love we feel for our family. The strong bond that is created within a family.


(Philos -male) (Phile -female) is a Greek word that refers to brotherly affection. This is the type of love we see between friends or between our brothers and sisters in Christ. A type of love that focuses on emotions and our feelings to others. It is platonic, meaning it is a non-physical type of love.

Philautiaor self-love

The love that we give to ourselves, which can be good as well as toxic. It all depends on how we perceive ourselves. If you have the right amount of self-esteem and your self-confidence is befitting, then self-love will do you some good. However, if your self-love causes you to have an inflated sense of self, then maybe it’s time to start caring for other people and understanding that the world is a lot bigger than yourself.


Another Greek word which means playful love. The word ludus can also be seen used in ancient Rome and it has several meanings including, game, sport and training. By knowing these, we can establish that this type of love can be a trial run for a different type of love.

This next type of love, I’m sure many are already familiar with for there is a Greek God named after him.


Eros is most associated with love or physical desire. Which is what this type of love is about. It is seen as a conditional love which is only present for a short period of time before it ceases. Some even associate eros with romantic love or the kind of passionate love you feel for a partner.

On the other hand, there is also a different kind of love you can feel for a partner.


Pragma is a shortened word for pragmatic. By knowing the meaning of the word pragmatic, we would already have a sense of what type of love this is. A good example of this love is those within arranged marriages, a love founded on duty or practicability. Some even call it the ‘enduring love’. As it’s the kind of love that stays together even without the physical desire, unlike Eros.

Finally, the seventh and most important type of love is…


Agapē is the unconditional love that the Lord God has given us. It is the kind of love that he wants us to give everyone. This type of love does not regard feelings as much as the other types of love we’ve talked before this.

Agape is expressed through actions and obedience to God’s word and will. The example that best demonstrates this love is in the bible verse Matthew, 5:44-45. 

“But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven.” -(NIV)

God’s teaching has always been about love because God is Love. So, now that we have an understanding of the different types maybe it’s easier for us to love each other.

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