Break to Fall into Place

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안녕하세요, family and friends. Today we’ll talk about how sometimes things have to break to fall into place.

This may be a difficult topic for some but it’s one of those that needs addressing. The sooner it’s addressed, the quicker you will heal.

As always, before I get into – perhaps, the real reason you’re reading this – I would like to tell you a short story. If you’re not feeling up to it you can just skip through the story. However, if your curiosity wins this round then keep reading.

Summer 2017.

Jo had just told her soon-to-be-boyfriend, at the time, the situation she was in. How everything in her life was a bit hazy and there was a 99% chance that she had to leave the country for good.

He didn’t respond the way Jo expected, though she wasn’t really expecting anything. She just wanted to get those feelings out of her chest. Jo wasn’t one to be subtle when it comes to emotions and feelings, especially positive ones like love. So, she wanted him to understand the whole lot of grotesqueries she has to overcome before he made the final move.

Fortunately for our little Jo, he’s not one to get discouraged easily. He understood what she needed to do and even gave her some new hope for the future. Whether they end up together in the end or not he promised to be there, as a friend or more.

And in that time they opted for ‘more’.

In the months leading up to Jo’s departure, they’ve devised a 4-year plan. The quickest way she could come back to him and to her family.

Fast-forward to Autumn of 2018.

The 4-year plan wasn’t going the way it should have been. It had ‘keep working, get settled with all the right identifications and save up’. The 4-year plan didn’t have ‘go back and study’ because if it did, then it would’ve been a 5-years or more plan.

Jo wasn’t surrounded with the best people either. She has lived with lots of different types of people and was very used to acting accordingly, except for this one. This one was something else. Smoker: check. Fault finder: check. Blabbermouth: check. Pessimist: check. Egocentric: check.

All of that, plus Jo’s already fragile state of mind from being thrown into her home country which felt more foreign than the country she abandoned. It was, for lack of a better word, difficult.

Jo’s boyfriend, was is a realist. He sees things on a bigger scale whilst Jo appreciates the tiniest details.

He already saw what she was still making her way to find out.

Things were different, no matter how you looked at it, they were. Being together meant more than just conversations and staring at each other through video calls. They were together because of the presence, the physical touch and moments. Moments you won’t get after you’ve fallen asleep and the phone call ends.

The love was still there, but it isn’t the same love. The only plausible step was to end it. End it whilst it was still beautiful. End it before it got to a point of toxicity which would lead to the same fate anyway.

The promise between Jo and her boyfriend is kept though, even after the breakup. He was still there, her constant.

I am aware not every break up is as clean as theirs but either way, the pain felt is still the same. That pain can often sidetrack us from doing things that are helpful or commendable.

The way to get around it is by capturing your thoughts and making sure that your mindset stays within the neutral ground.

Yes, you broke up. It hurts. You wish things could be different. But remember you are your own person. Breaking up isn’t the end of you. It’s just an end of a chapter. Hurt and pain don’t last. And wishing for things is a whole world’s different from making things happen.

Remember your values and goals. Meditate, take time to rest your mind from the chaos and focus on your breathing for at least a minute. Then, be thankful. Be grateful for the good times and the not so great times because those moments are what shaped you.

Cry. If you need to. Cry it all out. Let your emotions go, pray and rest. Do this for as long as it takes for you to accept the reality.

It won’t be easy, but having a mentality of “this is not the end” is a start. It’s a good start.

By keeping these in mind, you’re allowing God and the universe to make things fall into their right places. And when they do, remember again to be grateful for your mind is one of the most valuable things in life. Taking control of what goes in your mind is an investment that can be beneficial not just for you but also for the people who surrounds you.

Remember: Sometimes things need to break to fall into place.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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To say thank you to my readers for taking the time to read. Keep safe and keep praying.

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