Genesis 45

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안녕하세요, family and friends. Today we’re reading Genesis 45.

Firstly, I want to say Happy Monday! I hope we all have a great week ahead. Also, a reminder that no Devotionals are posted on Sundays. So, everyday day divisible by 7 is skipped. Thank you.

Now, as always if you don’t have a physical copy of the Bible – I got you! You can read this chapter on page 2 of this blog post.

There are a few lessons we can take from this passage.

1. The execution of God’s will may not always be how we imagine it would be.

Although it is worth it, not many would want to put themselves through the hardships of attaining it. In Joseph’s story, instead of wallowing in anger for what his brothers did to him, he continued to believe in the Lord.

And God sent me ahead, so that you may be preserved upon the earth, and so that you would be able to have food in order to live. I was sent here, not by your counsel, but by the will of God. He has caused me to be like a father to Pharaoh, and to be the Lord of his entire house, as well as governor throughout all the land of Egypt.

Genesis 45:7-8 CPDV

2. One way or another you will have to account for the things you’ve done.

In the case of Joseph’s brothers they have felt guilt in which Joseph said to them:

Do not be afraid, and let it not seem to you to be a hardship that you sold me into these regions. For God sent me before you into Egypt for your salvation.

Genesis 45:5 CPDV

In addition to that, the lies they told their father about what has happened to Joseph years ago came to light. Reminding us that no grisly secret can ever stay hidden.

And they reported to him, saying: “Your son Joseph is alive, and he is ruler throughout all the land of Egypt. When Jacob heard this, he was stirred up, as if from a deep sleep, yet he did not believe them. To the contrary, they explained the entire matter in order. And when he had seen the wagons, and all that he had sent, his spirit revived.

Genesis 45:26-27 CPDV

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