Genesis 47

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안녕하셍, family and friends. Today we’re reading Genesis 47.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a physical copy of the Bible. You can read it on Page 2 of this blog post.

Now, this passage is about the famine that hit Egypt during the time of Joseph the dreamer. And there are a few lessons we can take away from this passage.

One, is that a great leader can provide for his people in times of disasters. Joseph, having known that a famine is about to hit, was able to take actions that could preserve not just him and his family but the whole of Egypt.

In my opinion, leaders of any organisation, especially Government authorities, should be like Joseph. Although they may not have had the kind of heads up that Joseph had, preparing the countries they run from disasters like famine or the pandemic that we’re in should be top priority.

This leads us to the second lesson we can take from this passage, which is that personal possessions are not as important or more important than food or health. So, we shouldn’t over-exert ourselves pining for material things but instead we should learn to look after our bodies through good health care practices. Such as, healthy food and good hygiene.

Therefore, Joseph said to the people: “So, as you discern, both you and your lands are possessed by Pharaoh; take seed and sow the fields, so that you may be able to have grain. One fifth part you will give to the king; the remaining four I permit to you, as seed and as food for your families and children and they responded: “Our health is in your hand; only let our Lord look kindly upon us, and we will serve the king with gladness.”

Genesis 47:23-25 CPDV

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