Exodus 32

Then the people, seeing that Moses
made a delay in descending from the mountain,
gathered together against Aaron,
and said: "Rise up, make us gods,
who may go before us. But as for
this man Moses, who led us away
from the land of Egypt, we do
not know what has befallen him."
And Aaron said to them,
"Take the golden earrings from
the ears of your wives, and
your sons and daughters,
and bring them to me."

And the people did what he had commanded,
carrying the earrings to Aaron.

And when he had received them,
he formed these by the work of
a casting furnace, and he made
from these a molten calf.
And they said: "These are your gods,
O Israel, who led you away
from the land of Egypt."

And when Aaron had seen it,
he built an altar before it,
and he cried out with a voice
of proclamation, saying, "Tomorrow
is the solemnity of the Lord."

And rising up in the morning,
they offered holocausts,
and peace victims, and the people
sat down to eat and to drink,
and they rose up to play

Then the Lord spoke to Moses,
saying: "Go, descend. Your people,
whom you led away from the
land of Egypt, have sinned.

They have quickly withdrawn from
the way which you revealed to them.
And they have made for themselves
a molten calf, and they have worshiped it.
And immolating victims to it,
they have said: 'These are your gods,
O Israel, who led you away
from the land of Egypt.' "

And again, the Lord said to
Moses: "I discern that this
people is stiff-necked.

Release me, so that my fury
may be enraged against them,
and I may destroy them, and
then I will make of you a great nation."

Then Moses prayed to the Lord his God,
saying: "Why, O Lord, is your fury
enraged against your people, whom
you led away from the land of Egypt,
with great strength and with a mighty hand?
I beg you, let not the Egyptians say,
'He cleverly led them away,
so that he could put them to death
in the mountains and destroy
them from the earth.' Let your
anger be quieted and appeased
concerning the wickedness of your people

Remember Abraham, Isaac, and Israel,
your servants, to whom you swore
by your very self, saying: 'I will
multiply your offspring like the
stars of heaven. And this entire
land, about which I have spoken,
I will give to your offspring.
And you shall possess it forever.' "

And the Lord was appeased
from doing the evil which
he had spoken against his people.

And Moses returned from the mountain,
carrying the two tablets of the testimony
in his hand, written on both sides
and accomplished by the work of God.
Also, the writing of God
was engraved on the tablets

Then Joshua, hearing the tumult
of the people shouting, said to Moses:
"The outcry of battle is heard in the camp."

But he responded: "It is not the clamor
of men being exhorted to battle,
nor the shout of men being
compelled to flee. But I hear
the voice of singing."

And when he had approached
to the camp, he saw the calf
and the dances. And being very angry,
he threw down the tablets
from his hand, and he broke them
at the base of the mountain.

And seizing the calf,
which they had made, he burnt it
and crushed it, even to dust,
which he scattered into water.
And he gave from it to
the sons of Israel to drink

And he said to Aaron,
"What has this people done to you,
so that you would bring
upon them the greatest sin?"

And he answered him:
"Let not my Lord be indignant.
For you know this people,
that they are prone to evil

They said to me:
'Make gods for us, who may
go before us. For this Moses,
who led us away from
the land of Egypt, we do
not know what has befallen him.'

And I said to them,
'Which of you has gold?'
And they took it and gave it to me.
And I threw it into the fire,
and this calf came out."

Therefore, Moses, seeing that
the people were naked (for Aaron
had stripped them because of
the disgrace of their sordidness,
and he had set them naked
among their enemies)
and standing at the gate
of the camp, said: "If anyone
is for the Lord, let him
join with me." And all the
sons of Levi gathered themselves
together to him.

And he said to them: "Thus says
the Lord God of Israel:
Let a man place his sword
at his thigh. Go forth, and
then return, from gate to gate,
through the midst of the camp,
and let each one kill his
brother, and friend, and neighbor."

And the sons of Levi did
according to the words of Moses,
and there fell on that day
about twenty-three thousand men.

And Moses said: "On this day,
you have consecrated your hands
to the Lord, each one in his son
and in his brother, so that a
blessing may be given to you."

Then, when the next day arrived,
Moses spoke to the people:
"You have sinned the greatest sin.
I will ascend to the Lord.
Perhaps, in some way, I might
be able to entreat him
for your wickedness."

And returning to the Lord,
he said: "I beg you, this
people has sinned the greatest sin,
and they have made for themselves
gods of gold. Either release
them from this offense, or,
if you do not, then delete me
from the book that you have written."

And the Lord answered him:
"Whoever has sinned against me,
him I will delete from my book.
But as for you, go and lead
this people where I have told you.
My angel will go before you.
Then, on the day of retribution,
I will also visit this sin of theirs."

Therefore, the Lord struck
the people for the guilt
of the calf, which Aaron had made.

Exodus 32:1‭-‬35 CPDV

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