Exodus 35

Therefore, when all the multitude of the sons
of Israel had gathered together,
he said to them:
These are the things that the Lord
has ordered to be done:

For six days you shall do work;
he seventh day, the Sabbath and
the rest of the Lord, will be holy to you;
whoever will have done
any work in it shall be killed.

You shall not kindle a fire
in any of your dwelling places
throughout the day of the Sabbath."

And Moses said to the entire
crowd of the sons of Israel:
"This is the word which the
Lord has instructed, saying:

Separate from among you
the first-fruits to the Lord.
Let all who are willing
and have a ready soul offer
these to the Lord:
gold, and silver, and brass,
hyacinth, and purple, and
twice-dyed scarlet, and fine linen,
the hair of goats,
and the skins of rams, dyed red,
and violet skins, setim wood,

and oil to prepare lights
and to produce ointment,
and most sweet incense,

onyx stones and gems,
to adorn the ephod and the breastplate.

And whoever among you is wise,
let him come and make what
the Lord has commanded:

the tabernacle, certainly,
and its roof, and also the
covering, the rings, and the
panels with the bars,
the tent pegs and the bases,

the ark and its bars,
the propitiatory, and
the veil that is drawn before it,

the table with its bars
and vessels, and the
bread of the presence,

the lampstand to hold up
the lights, its vessels and lamps,
and the oil to the nourish the fire,

the altar of incense and its bars,
and the oil of unction, and the
incense of aromatics, the tent
at the door of the tabernacle,

the altar of holocaust and
its grate of brass, with the bars
and vessels, the washtub and its base,

the curtains of the atrium,
with the columns and the bases,
the hanging at the doors of the vestibule,

the tent pegs of the tabernacle
and the atrium, with their little cords,

the vestments, which are to be used
in the ministry of the Sanctuary,
the vestments of Aaron, the high priest,
as well as those of his sons,
in order to exercise the priesthood to me."

And all the multitude of
the sons of Israel, departing
from the sight of Moses,
offered the first-fruits
to the Lord with a most ready
and devout mind, to accomplish
the work of the tabernacle
of the testimony. Whatever was
needed for worship and
for the holy vestments,

men along with women provided:
arm bands and earrings, rings
and bracelets. And every vessel
of gold was separated, to be
donated to the Lord.

If anyone had hyacinth,
and purple, and twice-dyed scarlet,
fine linen and the hair of goats,
the skins of rams, dyed red,
and violet skins,

metal of silver and brass,
they offered it to the Lord,
along with setim wood for various uses.

But the skillful women
also gave whatever they had spun:
hyacinth, purple, and vermillion,
as well as fine linen,

and the hair of goats,
donating everything of their own accord.

Yet truly, the leaders
offered onyx stones and gems,
for the ephod and the breastplate,
and aromatics and oil,
to maintain the lights,
and to prepare ointment,
and also to produce incense
with a most sweet odor.

All the men and women
offered donations with a
devout mind, so that the
works might be done which
the Lord had ordered by
the hand of Moses. All the
sons of Israel dedicated
voluntary offerings to the Lord.

And Moses said
to the sons of Israel:
"Behold, the Lord has
called by name Bezalel,
the son of Uri, the son of Hur,
from the tribe of Judah,
and he has filled him
with the Spirit of God,
with wisdom, and understanding,
and knowledge, and all teaching,
to design and to fashion,
with gold and silver and brass

and with engraving stones,
and with the skill of a carpenter.
Whatever can be skillfully invented,

he has given to his heart.
It is likewise with Oholiab,
the son of Ahisamach from the tribe of Dan.

He has taught both of them wisdom,
in order to do the work of carpentry,
tapestry, and embroidery, from hyacinth,
and purple, and twice-dyed scarlet,
and fine linen, and every textile,
and to discover whatever may be new."

Exodus 35:1‭-‬35 CPDV

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