Exodus 38

He also made the altar
of holocaust from setim wood:
five cubits square, and three in height,

the horns of which proceeded
from the corners. And he
covered it with layers of brass.

And for its uses, he prepared
diverse vessels out of brass:
kettles, forceps, little hooks,
larger hooks, and receptacles for the fire.

And he made its grating of brass,
in the manner of a net, and
under it, in the midst of the altar, its base,

casting four rings at the
four ends of the net in
order to set the bars, so as to carry it.

These bars he also
made of setim wood, and he
covered them with layers of brass.

And he drew them
through the rings, which
projected from the sides of the altar.
But the altar itself
was not solid, but hollow,
made from panels and empty inside.

He also made the washtub
of brass, with its base made
from the mirrors of the women
who kept watch at the door of the tabernacle.

He also made the atrium,
at the south side of which
were hangings of fine twisted
linen of one hundred cubits and

twenty columns of brass
with their bases. The heads
of the columns and all of
the engraving work were of silver.

Equally, at the northern area,
the hangings, the columns,
and the bases and heads of
the columns were of the
same measure and work and metal.

Yet truly, on that side
which looks out toward the west,
there were hangings of fifty cubits,
and ten columns with
their bases of brass. And
the heads of the columns
and all of the engraving work were of silver.

Furthermore, toward the east
he prepared hangings of fifty cubits:
of which, there were fifteen cubits,
among three columns
with their bases, holding up one side,

and on the other side, (for
between the two he made
the entrance of the tabernacle)
there were equally hangings
of fifteen cubits, and three pillars,
and the same number of bases.

All the hangings of the atrium
were woven from fine twisted linen.

The bases of the columns were of brass,
but their heads with all of
their engravings were of silver.
Now he also overlaid the columns
of the atrium themselves with silver.

And he made, at its entrance,
a hanging, wrought with embroidery,
of hyacinth, purple, vermillion,
and fine twisted linen, which held twenty
cubits in length, yet truly
it was five cubits in height,
as with the measure of all
he hangings of the atrium.

Now the columns at the entrance
were four, with bases of brass,
and their heads and engravings were of silver.

Likewise, the tent pegs of the tabernacle
and the atrium all around he made of brass.
These are the instruments
of the tabernacle of the testimony,
which were enumerated according
o the instruction of Moses,
with the ceremonies of the Levites,
by the hand of Ithamar, the son of Aaron the priest,

which Bezalel, the son of Uri,
the son of Hur from the tribe of Judah,
had completed, just as
the Lord decreed through Moses.

He was joined by his associate,
Oholiab, the son of Ahisamach,
from the tribe of Dan, who himself
was also an exceptional artisan of wood,
and of weaving, as well as
of embroidery, with hyacinth,
purple, vermillion, and fine linen.

All of the gold that was
expended in the work of
the Sanctuary, and that was
offered in donation, was twenty-nine
alents and seven hundred thirty
hekels, according to the measure of the Sanctuary.

Now it was offered by those
who were past the numbering
of twenty years and above:
from six hundred and three thousand,
five hundred and fifty men
able to bear arms.

There were, beyond that,
one hundred talents of
silver, from which were cast
the bases for the Sanctuary
and for the entrance where the veil hangs.

One hundred bases were made
from one hundred talents,
a single talent being counted for each base.

But from one thousand
seven hundred and seventy-five,
he made the heads of the columns,
which he also clothed with silver.

Likewise, of brass, there was
offered seventy-two thousand talents,
and four hundred more shekels,

from which were cast the
bases at the entrance of the
tabernacle of the testimony,
and the altar of brass with its
grating, and the vessels which pertain to its use,

and the bases of the atrium,
s much at the circumference
as at its entrance, and the tent pegs
of the tabernacle and
of the atrium all round.

Exodus 38:1‭-‬31 CPDV

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