How do you even start working out?

안녕하세요, family and friends. Today… we’re going to discuss how we can begin our journey to a much healthier lifestyle, where our physical strength and abilities are concerned. In short, how do you even start working out?

It always seems impossible until it's done nelson mandela

Personally, I have had my share of “I’ll do it later” or “I don’t have time” moments, which did not only hinder my physical well-being, but also became a setback for my already vulnerable mental state.

So, I did my research on how to really start being consistent with exercise and here’s what I found:

First and foremost, we have to manage our mindset.

Your mind holds the key to your success

In any type of work, our mindset comes first. Exercise doesn’t need to be hours of your time in a day. Your body doesn’t even need to hurt for it to know that it’s really doing something. Exercise is a way for you to stay active, stay healthy, and have a body that is less prone to diseases, anxieties or stress. It isn’t something that only already-healthy people can do. Anyone can do it; anyone who is truly willing.

Before we start working out, we have to get rid of the mindset that, “it’s not for us” or “it’s too much work“… because it is for us, and yes you have to put the effort in but… What’s the point of doing something if it doesn’t challenge you, even just a little?

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Here are questions you should really start asking yourself first, if you’re truly willing.

  • Do I really want to exercise?
  • Why do I want to exercise?
  • Who is it for?
  • What exercises should I do?
  • When should I exercise?
  • Where can I exercise?
  • How should I exercise?

Those are basic questions, I know, but these are important questions if you really want to create an exercise routine that you can follow and commit to.

Now, let’s break down each question. Shall we?

Do I really want to exercise?

This is quite a simple question with a very simple answer. Yes or No? The only thing that really complicates it are the questions that you start asking after you’ve made up your mind.

Why do I want to exercise? Who is it for?

These two questions can be answered together. Exercise is for you. Yourself. No one else. Why is that? Because it is your body that will benefit when you do exercise. It is your mental health that could improve. There are so many benefits that even I, myself, haven’t fully grasped it yet… but all of these should only be for yourself.

However, I do understand that there are people who likes to do things for other people. So, their ‘who is it for?’ answer would be someone other than themselves… and to those people, I say, do it for the people you can influence and be an inspiration to. This way, you’re not only enhancing your own health and well-being but you’re also encouraging others to enhance theirs.

What exercises should I do?

We’re getting into the more complicated questions now. The different exercises you can do is determined by the kind of result you want to see in your body, as well as the kind of body you already have.

There are different types of exercises: aerobic, strength building, balance training, endurance, and flexibility. Each of these can be done moderately or more vigorously. Again, this depends on our individuality.

I would be delving into each type in a more in-depth way on my future blog posts, so if you’re interested you can follow my blog or my social media sites. The link is down below. In this way you’ll be well-informed for any new posts I upload. However, if by the time you read this, I have already posted those up – I will post the links to those posts in page 2 of this blog post.

Now that the shameless self-promotion is out of the way. I want to inform you guys of the different body types a person may have. I’m sure that some of you may already know this but to those who don’t… there are 3 different body types.

Endomorph - slower metabolism, mesomorph easy gain and loses, ectomorph - hard gainer
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When should I exercise?

Well, the real question is… when do you have time to exercise? This would be very different for each person. Some exercise in the morning, some after work and some just before they go to bed. There really isn’t one specific best time for everyone to do their work-out. You would have to make a conscious decision on when you would have time to do it.

If you have more time in the mornings, do it in the mornings. You don’t, do it after work/school. If you’re too tired to do it, why not work out in the middle of the night? I know it’s a bit weird, but I know some friends who have done this, or still do it. Whatever works for them. Whatever works for you. That’s what you should follow, but just remember to be consistent.

Where can I exercise? How should I exercise?

These questions can also be answered in one because where you can exercise can determine how you should. When we think of exercise, the usual thing that pops into our minds is the gym, right? But you don’t have to go to the gym just to exercise. You can do it in your living room? Your bedroom? At a nearby park? Out in the garden, if you have one. There is a ton of places you can do exercise in.

Now, how you can exercise, like I said earlier depends on where you’re doing your exercise. If you’re at the gym for the first time, maybe it would be best to get yourself a trainer? Someone to help you out with what you need to do and to show you all the different machines you can use. If you’re in your living room, you should make sure you have enough space to move around. There are tons of different blogs and videos on Youtube you can follow nowadays. From your warm ups to different focused exercises to cool down videos.

Exercising is a very fulfilling activity and has authentic benefits you can feel in your body almost immediately.

Personally, I always find myself being more productive throughout the day when I’ve exercised that morning. I feel energised and ready. At the same time, I would feel sluggish and unproductive when I miss a day or two from doing exercise.

The last thing we really must remember though is that exercise is different for everybody. What works for you friends may not work for you and vice versa. You have to listen to your own body and care for it in the way that’s best suited for you.

What do you think of ‘how do you even start working out’? Let me know in the comments below.

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To say thank you to my readers for taking the time to read. Keep safe and keep praying.

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15 Thoughts on “How do you even start working out?

  1. Great post! I love morning workout, because it gets me going for my day. It gives me a boost of energy.

    1. I love morning workouts too for the same reason. Although, there have been times when I do my workouts just before bed especially when I don’t get to do it in the mornings, it helps me to sleep. Thank you very much for reading and taking the time to comment ✨

    2. You’re welcome 😊 I never thought of doing that, super cool that it helps you relax to sleep. I’ll have to try that

    3. Yes, you should, although, it isn’t for everyone. My sister tried it because she was a hard time going to sleep and she ended up being more energised and awake 😅 So, let me know how it affects you. Thank you again

    4. Will do! I get insomnia a lot, so that’s why I thought I might get a rush of energy. Maybe it also depends on the workout cardio vs something more relaxing like yoga.

    5. That’s true actually, I didn’t think to tell my sister that. I would usually do probably 5-10 mins yoga after I work out though, it acts as my cool down exercise

  2. I really liked how the tone throughout was encouraging people to do what is right for them. Whether its what time or anything else. This is something that is missed a lot.

    1. I realised that too, when I was first trying to do my own research on how to exercise. So, I thought I’d put something out that could help those like me who had no idea where to start.

      Also, studying Physiotherapy – which is literally the study of movements in the human body – has really helped me understand a lot of things regarding exercise. For example, no matter if our bodies have the same way of functioning it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no variations.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and commenting ✨

    1. I’m glad that this was able to help you. Thank you so much for nominating me again. I had fun answering the Liebster award and I’m sure I’d love this too ✨❤️

  3. I’m not much of a physical type of person but I do some stretching in the morning and at night. I think the highlight in this blog post are the right questions you asked! This can really inspire those who are trying to get into shape. You’re asking the right questions and answer them correctly too! This is such a helpful post. Keep up the good work!

    1. Stretching is a type of exercise though and it’s really good for you to do that morning and night! I really appreciate your thoughts on this post and I’m glad you think it’s helpful. Thank you so much!

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