Psalm 104

안녕하세요, family and friends. Today we’re going to read Psalm 104.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a physical copy of the Bible. You can read it on Page 2 of this blog post.

God, our lord is a generous God who is patient. He is always there for us whenever we need him and will do everything in his will to follow through his promises.

This chapter summarises the stories that we have been reading. From the story of Job to Moses and Aaron, and Joseph. All of these prophets that have come before our ancestors were blessed. They have also experienced the mercies and blessings of the Lord first-hand.

Let me ask you. Have you experienced God, Jesus’ mercies and blessings today?

If you ever feel like you don’t or haven’t yet experienced it. I want to remind you that, right now, you are breathing and reading this devotional. You are blessed for you are alive.

Did you eat today? Drank some water, juice or any type of beverage? You are blessed for you are full.

Personally, I feel blessed and I have experienced God’s mercies today. For he has allowed me to accomplish all of the things I set out to do.

What about you, did you experience God’s blessings today? Let me know in the comments below.

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To say thank you to my readers for taking the time to read. Keep safe and keep praying.

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