10 Interesting Facts About the Cast of TUA

안녕하세요, family and friends. Today, we’re going to talk about the interesting facts about the cast of The Umbrella Academy (TUA).

Firstly, if you haven’t yet watched TUA on Netflix, you should. This post doesn’t have any spoiler alerts but the second season is out. So, go on! Watch it. I literally finished the whole season in one day.

I don’t usually get hyped about casts because I am very critical. At the same time, I usually focus a lot more on the storyline. It takes a legendary group of actors and actresses, for me to want to get to know them.

I know that interesting is a very subjective word.
These facts are ones that I recently found out and interested me a lot.
I am, by no means, saying that you should also find these facts interesting. Thank you :D

So now, without further ado. Let’s get into the list.

Interesting Facts about the cast of

The Umbrella Academy (TUA)

1. Aidan Gallagher who plays five is only 16 years old.

If you ever hear him talk on interviews though, you wouldn’t believe it. What many fans believe is that he could be an actual 50-year-old. Some fans on Youtube even commented these…

  • An example of fans describing aidan
  • Another example of a fan describing aidan

I recently followed him on Instagram as well, and girl! This guy knows how to use his platform in the best way possible. Whoever said Gen Z’s are ‘a confused generation‘ haven’t met Aidan. Go have a look at his profile.

2. Robert Sheehan who plays Klaus is Irish

You may not have realised this. I surely didn’t, because of how amazing his American accent is when watching the show.

However, I recently watched the cast taking the BuzzFeed quiz about which Umbrella Academy member they are. I wasn’t sure whether he was putting on the accent so I had to search for myself. What I found is so interesting.

I’ve always loved the Irish accent ever since Niall Horan stepped in and auditioned on the X factor show all those years ago. Before 1D was even created.

3. Tom Hopper who plays Luther is English.

I found out about this, again when I watched the BuzzFeed interview/quiz and I heard him speak. It made me squeal like a little child because it’s been a long time since I’ve heard someone talk in an English accent.

Most of the films I watch are Americanised, or in a completely different language. Also, I’ve been living in the Philippines for two years now and needless to say, I don’t talk to a lot of people here in English. When I do, most have an American accent or the Filipino accent.

I am a sucker for accents. Fight me! Haha

4. Tom was in Merlin.

As a child, I would watch Merlin with my baby sister all the time. It was one of those shows that really struck a chord with our magical and mythical minds.

Watching the first season of TUA, I have always wondered why his face looked familiar to me. Now, it makes sense. He played Sir Percival, one of the knights in Camelot. Don’t believe me?

5. Tom and I share the same birthday!

28th of January babies!!! Same day, same month, just different years. I always find it interesting whenever I meet someone who has the same birthday as me.

It’s usually a rare occurrence, but I’ve already met at least 3 who shares the same birthday including Mr. Hopperhops.

6. Emmy Raver-Lampman who plays Allison is a musical theatre performer

She actually started out as a performer in Broadway. How amazing is that?

Theatre performers really interest me because I know how hard they work. I was part of a theatre years ago, as a child. However, as years pass I somehow became less and less confident to stand and perform on a stage.

So, I salute Emmy! And every musical theatre performer out there who have become a success in film and TV. Namely, Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Gillies, Billy Porter, Hugh Jackman, Meryl Streep and many more.

7. Elliot Page who plays Vanya is in her 30’s

I don’t know about you but when I watched TUA, I thought he would’ve been around mid or late-20’s. He has one of those younger faces in my opinion. That’s why it really interested me to know that he is actually a lot older than I thought he was. Also, it’s interesting because others say the same about me.

8. Elliot was in Flatliners

This movie is one of the many movies that haunted me and still haunts me. But I absolutely love it!

9. David Castañeda who plays Diego studied civil engineering.

Then, he switched his course into film production and international business. Personally, I loved finding out about other careers or interests actors and actresses have if they didn’t pursue acting.

It reminds me that they are the same as us, except, they’re celebrities and maybe earn a little more.

It’s like when I found out that Rowan Atkinson, better known as Mr. Bean had a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Still, he pursued a completely different career from what he has studied for.

10. Justin Min who plays Ben is Korean-American.

And he is still fluent in Korean. As someone who has a soft spot for anything South Korean, this information is gold! You see, although Korean pop music is soaring the charts and a South Korean film has won an Oscar for Best International Feature Film. I believe that there’s not a lot of South Korean actresses or actors within Hollywood.

So, finding out that one of the siblings is South Korean completely rounds up the interesting main cast of The Umbrella Academy.

I absolutely love this series and if you haven’t watched it yet, you should. It’s all about time travel and the universe, family and a lot of apocalyptic events.

Do you know any more interesting facts about the cast? Or the series in general? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear them.

Photo for featured image is from Edu Lauton in unsplash
Edited by AJ via Canva
To say thank you to my readers for taking the time to read. Keep safe and keep praying.
Originally posted on 10 August 2020
Updated on 18 January 2021

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6 Thoughts on “10 Interesting Facts About the Cast of TUA

  1. I binged Umbrella Academy last weekend. I can’t believe how young Aiden is!! Pretty cool to learn about how the characters can adapt to an American accent. It always trips me out when actors or actresses can pull off a much younger character. Thanks for sharing all of these fun facts about the UA cast!

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

    1. Exactly, I was amazed at how Aidan handles himself! Glad to have met another person who’s not afraid to binge watch a whole season within a weekend or a day. 😁✨

  2. I haven’t finished the second series but I do love this show. The actor who plays Klaus was in an English series I forget the name, he was good! I also loved Merlin! I recently rewatched it and it’s the best.

  3. My husband enjoyed the Umbrella Academy so much, he talked me into watching it with him again! I don’t watch many shows, but this one was great. It’s fascinating to learn more about the actors. Hard to believe Aiden Gallagher (Number 5) is so young, and I never would have guessed that Ellen Page (Vanya) is in her 30s! Mary Bilge (Cha Cha) is a successful singer & songwriter in addition to her role as an actress. Fun Fact: Ritu Arya (Lila) was also in Dr. Who.

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