001: 27th December 2020

Today’s reading 27th December 2020: Sirach 3:2-6

In today’s reading, I believe that God is reiterating to us the responsibilities of being a parent or a family member.

God has set our fathers to respect His values and keep our faith. It is also our fathers’ duty to uphold the authority that our mothers have over us, as children. Since we are all someone’s child this role is continuous throughout generations.

One thing that stood out to me during today’s Homily by Father Orbos is this quote . . .

“Children can wreak havoc in the home but they do not break up the family, only parents can do that”

It made me realize how blessed I am. No matter how much havoc is within the walls of our home my parents still opted to stay together. Although they tried to tell me it was only for us children, I knew deep down that they did and still do love each other.

Another thing that stood out to me during today’s Homily was… The ‘3 marks of a good family’, according to Father Orbos.

  1. Being close to God – they pray together and keep God’s values
  2. Close to one another
  3. Close to the people – able to help others

Again, I was grateful because this made me realize that we are a good family. It may have taken us a good few years to be in the position we are in now but we’re here. Closer to God, closer to each other (even though we’re further away from each other than we’ve ever been, physically) and we are closer to the people. We are in the position now to be able to help others without having to compromise our own needs.

For that I am eternally grateful.


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